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7 Proven Marketing Strategies

7 Essential Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Must Know

In the dynamic world of small business marketing, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. I shed light on this topic, offering invaluable insights and strategies. Here’s a breakdown of the seven key marketing strategies that every small business should implement to stand out and thrive. Bonus: The “Cut-the-Jargon” ChecklistTo further refine your marketing …

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Running A Business Is Exciting And Daunting All At Once

To Help You Navigate Your Way To Deal With Daily Problems, I’ve Compiled A Short Checklist 

Questions that need Answers To Set Yourself Up For Success

1. Have You Established: Mission &Vision, Values, Process Map(S) and People Enhancement Program?
2. Are You Focused On the “Right” Priorities and You Are Able To Delegate Tasks Effectively?
3. Do You Experience High Turnover? What Are Your HR Skills? Do You Hire the Right People?
4. If You Feel Spending Too Much Time On The “Wrong” Things, You Seem Like You Have To Do?
5. Everything Yourself Or If  You Want Things Done Right Feeling That You Have To Do It Yourself?

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